The need for a blender in every home and the variety of choices are numerous. A comparative analysis of two of the most prominent and time-tested blenders would provide an insight into their attributes and advantages. A comparison of the nutribullet and the ninja would help in making a perfect choice that best suits you and your home. This comparison is taking an in-depth analysis of the nutribullet pro 900 and the nutria ninja pro prototypes which are basically both personal blenders. The choice of these two prototypes is so that a justifiable comparison can be arrived at.


The Nutri Ninja Pro and the nutribullet both have a very strong motor with a capacity of 900 watts. They are both designed to handle fruits and ice to its high motor powers. The nutribullet is best cleaned with the handwashing method in order for it to be durable and its way easier, whereas the ninja is safe and durable with the machine washing procedure. They both have the same one-year warranty.

The NutriBullet is a great choice when you to crush whole foods, soups and so on while the Ninja is best suited in the creation of smoothies, frozen desserts and generally ingredients that are not that hard. The Ninja is a brand of blender produced by SharkNinja LLC who also produces other home appliance. The nutribullet on the other is the only product of the company. The nutribullet has been further developed to have a model that uses Bluetooth enabled connection with your smartphone.

The nutribullet has a capacity of 32 ounces which is an added advantage that needs to be considered while the ninja has a capacity of 24 ounces. The recipe book that comes with the nutribullet is much bigger and easy to understand compared to that of the ninja. The nutribullet has a lockdown button while blending but the ninja requires you to hold it down with your hands while blending. The nutribullet has a higher RPM (rotations per minute) of 25,000 whereas the ninja has 21,000. They both have a similar four blade design. The other difference to note is that the Ninja cup is threaded inside while the nutribullet is threaded outside.

Conclusively, they are both about the same price and the choice you decide to go with all comes down to your personal preference. It is a known fact that they are both very good blenders.